Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trip To Nara

At JCMU there was a group trip to the city of Nara, specifically two Buddhist temples, Hyoru-ji and Todai-ji temple. I was super excited for this because I knew that I was going to see Japanese history in person! I love history especially Japanese history with hints of Korean and Chinese. You know they all are connected in some way... Either way I was totally ready for this trip even though we had to wake up earlier than our class starts!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meanwhile at JCMU: Aikido

Here's another one of the awesome opportunities for the JCMU students: Aikido! It's another martial art used mainly for self defense, so I've been told. I was really excited but then also worried/nervous about this cultural event. I was excited because I love martial arts and I haven't done anything martial art-y in a very long time, besides from Naginata last week. I was nervous because it was obviously a hands on activity. I'm a big softy, I bruise & mark easily, poking or grabbing hurts and I probably have fragile bones, but I do have a lot of strength ironically enough.

Meanwhile at JCMU: Naginata

At JCMU the students are able to participate in different activities that are apart of Japanese culture. I've been here for three months now and this was one of the few that has caught my interest. I know I should be out absorbing everything about Japan, but the activity takes place after we have our big chapter test and dealing with the grueling week of the dual teachers/sensei.

Pretty much I'm exhausted.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Short Internship

At JCMU ( Japan Center for Michigan Universities) they offer students with the right language requirements and also approval from their Japanese sensei (teacher) various kinds of internships. Jumping at the chance I applied for it, it's also a requirement for me in order to graduate.