Wednesday, June 19, 2013

By myself- Text & Pic Heavy

During my stay in Hikone I went on various small sometimes large trips by myself, although I was told not to by my mother and a close friend of mine, of course I went by myself, how else am I supposed to fully enjoy a safer country than our

This wasn't my first time to Japan and I knew that Japan was much more safe than that of United States, and so I was more bold to travel on my own which turned out to be really fun and gave me time to think about all the random thoughts that float around in my head.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tokyo, well more like Ginza (Final)

I was finally able to go to Ginza!
Higashi-Ginza= East Ginza
This is my second part of my trip to Tokyo, because we spent the entire day in Akiba. My friend, T-san and I drug the two guys to Ginza and met up with a friend who did a summer exchange at my college, M-san

In short it was:
Cold, short & Awesome

Of course we had a target, well I was there to meet my friend and to shop.