Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tokyo, Finally...well not exactly more like Akihabara

The first pic in Akihabara, our hotel

I finally made it to Tokyo~!

But then again I feel like there is certain things that make you realize that you are in Tokyo...I didn't get that feeling unfortunately.
A few friends and I took the Shinkansen to Tokyo, of course we took the Shinkansen it would have taken us about nine hours to get there via the normal trains. I was planning on doing that on the way back, which my friends gladly agreed to because we bought a ticket that allows us to travel on any normal train(which is called the JR trains). Our main target was the electric town of Tokyo: Akihabara.

Of course we had other places of where we wanted to go, but it turns out that we weren't able to go to those places...

Honestly I was upset because I really wanted to go, my last trip to Japan I kinda held off on going sight seeing because I knew I was going to come back. I was disappointed.

Anyways besides being disappointed I did have fun. We were only able to go to Akihabara and Ginza, we were originally planning on going to not only Akihabara, Ginza, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku.

After spending an entire day in Akihabara, and winning a lot of figures from the many claw machines I ended up with another suitcase!

My first visit to Japan I returned home with a suitcase, so it kinda seemed right for me to buy a suitcase! Also the fact that I didn't have a bag big enough to carry everything in.

All of my stuff!!

Mostly figures is what's in this suitcase, and lastly Puri-kura with a friend!

Being in Akihabara was no doubt fun, I was able play arcade games, try my luck at arcade games, and do Puri-kura with a friend. Akihabara is becoming more and more popular because of the exposure of Anime and video games in America, and there was a lot of foreigners and of Japanese people in the small city.

 Being forced to walk so close between people and everything being so compact in Akiba made me realize again how Japanese people use every part of an item/building/etc. available to them to function. In Akiba an eight story building would have every space filled with something practical, which made me start thinking about in America how we half use things or use them impractically.
I have a small room back in America and yet everything space in my room is being used practically because I have no choice ( same as the Japanese) but to make use of the space that I have. It makes me wonder about the size and space mentality in America.

America has be houses, and cars where are Japan has small houses and small cars. America has large portions food where as Japan has small portions of food.

I wonder would the mentality be different if the continents were changed.

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