Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tokyo, well more like Ginza (Final)

I was finally able to go to Ginza!
Higashi-Ginza= East Ginza
This is my second part of my trip to Tokyo, because we spent the entire day in Akiba. My friend, T-san and I drug the two guys to Ginza and met up with a friend who did a summer exchange at my college, M-san

In short it was:
Cold, short & Awesome

Of course we had a target, well I was there to meet my friend and to shop.

Before I get into the details here are some pictures that I took while in Ginza:

 Girl's Target: Uniqlo

I found out that did the summer exchange in Wisconsin actually worked at the Uniqlo in Ginza and T-san really wanted to go, it was like the H&M of Japan ( even though I think there was an H&M in Ginza). On the way to Ginza our group found out that M-san used to work at Uniqlo in Ginza, she didn't say much about what was to come but, needless to say we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into

The Uniqlo in Ginza was 12 floors. I've been to a three level mall but never a 12 floor store. Of course the guys didn't want to come in, but the entire day in Akiba had T-san wanting to go to the top. M-san laughed and followed us to the top as she gave thank you cards to her former coworkers. During our trek through Uniqlo the guys came in and asked to meet them back at Akiba ( they escaped their punishment, they got tired of waiting I suppose)I think it took us at least an hour  and thirty minutes to go through the entire store and check out.

Sometimes I forget about the space in Japan, they can't build out too much, but they can build up. In Japan you're going to see a lot of tall buildings instead of the long and wide buildings in America. Good Job on the space saving Japan, now if I can have that mind set when I return home with my third suitcase and sword.
T-san and I at the Uniqlo wall on the ground Floor

Afterwards we headed towards a mall to check out a specific store I was looking for called, Emoda & Rienda which are fashion name brands in the Gyaru style. Of course i didn't buy anything from the shops because I didn't want to over flow my suitcase ( which I still ended up doing later). After the mall T-san, M-san and I did Puri-kura to end our time with M-san, we had to return back to Akiba and take the normal train system out of Tokyo and back to Hikone with all of our stuff.

Just that short time in Ginza made me want to return as soon as possible. Ginza had a different feel than that of Tokyo. It seemed classy, serious, but laid back at the same time, maybe it was because it was Sunday or maybe that's how Ginza is? The buildings and the people reminded me of New York (I've never been there but I hope to go there someday). Honestly I wouldn't of mind staying another day in Ginza even if it was by myself, but because I didn't get a Japanese phone that was out of the question. I think that will be my next purchase when I return to Japan.

The train ride back to Hikone took forever...then again we were half way across Japan and we had free tickets to ride the train system, it took a whopping nine hours to get to the station before Hikone, Maibara.

I was out for the entire day, my body pretty much clocked out on me, and I missed class.

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