Thursday, June 19, 2014

Homestay Part Two

After hanging out in Nagahama we went for Lunch at a restaurant near Nagahama. I did have chopsticks from the restaurant, but I lost them? I'm not sure where they went to, but this restaurant was modeled to be traditional looking, there was a deep floor table that we sat on, and Hayato played and hid under. But Tonkatsu was the restaurant's specialties! My favorite!! Tonkatsu!!

A basic overview of what the the rest of the day and the next day consisted of:

  • Listening to a children's book in English.
  • Attempted to help with dinner. ( Tomoko gave me little things to do )
  • Playing with the cats. ( Melon continued to attack my cellphone)
Purin: Female
Luna: Male
  • Watched T.V ( A celebrity game show with Gackt! Eeeeeek! Also I found out why those types of shows are so popular. It was a show basically judging celebrities on what they can do i.e ironing, cooking an omlet etc. etc.)
  • Showed Tomoko friends & family via facebook. (no one was spared )
  • Watched a documentary on arctic animals in English. ( and listened to the kid's excitement)
  • Took a shower and used the tub! ( Was super nervous to do so because they use the same water for the family.)
  • Slept ( it was super cold too )

The next day we woke up early because we were going on a trip!
  • Ate breakfast. ( first time trying a poached egg and didn't like it.)
  • Packed everything I bought. ( It was slightly sad, and I wanted Kintsuba.)
  • Saw gas prices again. ( kinda understood them, kids get candy if they take the receipt in?)
  • Saw beautiful mountains, temples built into hills, the other side of the Lake Biwa and scenery. ( I officially LOVE mountains!)
  • Met some of Moe, Tomoko's and Hayato's friends. ( They were learning English, so were speaking broken English to one another. Also there was a baby involved, and found out that Shigeyuki was going  fishing.)
  • Met another one of Tomoko's friends who spoke good English. ( I asked Tomoko and Shigeyuki why they didn't learn English before leaving. They answered it as they just didn't learn it and their parents didn't make them.)
  • Went to the Moriyama Aquarium/Museum. ( One of Tomoko's friend's kids slipped into the Koi pond and they had to leave to get her changed. Another friend and I were kind of chuckling because the little girl left a trail of water and the janitor thought a kid had wet herself. I also followed around Hayato to make sure he didn't run off or get hurt. Don't ask me why)
Guides in English. Also got a discount for ISIC card

The little girl fell into this small pond with Koi.

Moe, Hayato, and one of their friends. This is the tunnel you go through to go deeper into the museum.

  • Received Kompeito! ( Ate one container and saved the other haha!)
  • Returned back to JCMU's Dormitory & embarrassed myself as I gave a thank you speech to the family.

 It was a sad and happy day. I had lots of fun and wished I spoke more to Shigeyuki & Tomoko, but I was also relieved to be back at JCMU. At first I was hesitant to do a home stay of any kind because I thought of being a burden on a family that I didn't know and just also my shy nature. Honestly I had a good time, and I was able to learn a little bit more about a young family.

I actually do miss them.

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